What is Mixing?

When a song is written and arranged the mix is where it all comes together. By carefully tuning and molding each track in your song I’m able to achieve a good balance. With that balance it’s further possible to add depth, dynamics and width to the mix, to make it breathe as it where.

By having your tracks properly mixed, you ensure the biggest sonic and emotional impact on listening. This works great when combining it with my mastering service, a good mix will make a great master!

Mastering is of course included in all mix packages!



Per Song
  • Up to 20 Tracks
  • Includes Mastering
  • 2 revisions
Let’s Go!

Big Mix


Per Song
  • 20+ Tracks
  • Includes Mastering
  • 2 Revisions
Let’s Go!

Pricing Information

All prices are including 21% VAT.

If you have a large number of songs you want mixed, there is a discount. From 4 songs on you get a 5% discount for each extra song with a maximum of 25%.

Are you running a label and want multiple releases mixed? Please contact me for specific pricing details.

How Does It Work?

Since I only do online mixing it’s pretty easy, let me explain to you how I work.

When you finish writing and arranging your song you can export all different tracks in the song as separate 32 or 24bit WAV files in the same sample rate as your project. Make sure that they all have the same length, that way if I import the files everything plays in time. It’s also possible to send me your complete Garageband, Logic Pro, Ableton Live or Bitwig project. Please save the project so that it includes all assets like samples and bounce all 3rd party instruments, you can of course contact me with questions about this!

You can then upload the files via a service like WeTransfer and send the link to me via the contact form! Make sure to name your file ( Artist – Songtitle ). If you have any extra information like meta data please include it as a separate text file with the upload.

Once I finish the mix I’ll send you a high quality preview mp3 of a part of the song along with the invoice. Once you paid the invoice I’ll send the full mixed and mastered files!

Pretty easy right?

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to contact me!


  • Check your arrangement
  • Try to leave 6dB of Headroom
  • Export as 24 or 32bit WAV
  • Make sure all exported tracks are the same length
  • Make sure everything is included
  • Keep the samplerate the same as your project
  • Name your file
  • Upload your file
  • Use the contact form to get started!
Only a good mix will result in a great master!Raymond