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Need your music to stand out, grab people’s attention and sound good everywhere it gets played? With my mix & mastering service I can help you with that by making your music sound punchy, consistent and loud!

Go with the Mixing service for the whole package, this will achieve the greatest results adding depth and detail to your music. If you already have a good sounding mix I can help you to master it, it will make a good mix sound great!

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Per Song
  • Professionaly Mastered
  • Including mp3
  • 2 revisions
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Per Song
  • Up to 20 Tracks
  • Includes Mastering
  • 2 revisions
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Big Mix


Per Song
  • + 20 tracks
  • includes mastering
  • 2 revisions
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All prices are based on 1 song, if you have a large number of songs you want mixed or mastered let me know, we can always work out a nice price!

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Qbical Music Productions


Raymond In The Studio

Since 2009 I, Raymond van Baal, have been working as a mastering engineer mainly focussing on electronic dance music while at the same time working as a producer and dj in the same field.

Working out of my studio in Amersfoort, The Netherlands I use my experience build up over the years to help people like you out with affordable mastering, mixing or just free advice.

Working in the digital domain allows me to work fast and efficient, resulting in amazingly fast delivery and high quality end products!